Mikuni vs. Edelbrock

I have a Mikuni carb on my 650R and im having starting troubles. I've heard they are very tempermental (sp)? im wondering if the Edelbrock is much better and how much they are and also if they are worth it to change. Thank you very much.:lol:

Most Mikuni TM40's are setup for Harley's and then the pilot and main jets are changed for the XR650R but, this does not work right. You need to change the air jet to a 1.2, the needle jet to a Y-4, the Needle to a 90jy-1 or maybe it's 9Djy-1, the pump needs to be adjusted the pump nosle needs to squirt to hit the needle. Pilot should be 22.5 or there about, main should be 137.5 or 140 for most open bikes.

More about this is at the bottom of this page: http://www.xr650r.borynack.com/HorsePowerMods.htm

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