How about a GIANT Thumpertalk union/re-union somewhere in the world?

Originally posted by Guy:

:) Sounds wonderful to me!

Any of you guy's fancy YORKSHIRE! :D ROFL!!

Hey guy, We can have it over there and take turns riding your bike so we don't have to ship ours, do you have boots and helmet we all can wear so we don't have to bring that :D

Sounds Great !!

Moab gets my vote, plenty of ride area's, logistic's are great, hotels restraunts, supplies, ect. ect.


People from out of the country, like Yamaha Dude, No worry's Mate! you decide to make it your more than welcome here :) if you don't mind riding a XR600.. I'm sure we could get group rates for motor homes for those that want them. Whew! now I'm getting carried away!!

I tried this idea sometime back with Taffy about a bunch of U.S riders going over there, but response was somewhat....Dismal...

But I'm positive this will work!

New to forum, but Colorado sounds great! Come on out, folks! Rampart Range/Woodland Park get our vote. Also, getting new bikes this year: Any advice on the WR426F vs the XR650R for me?, XR70 vs KLX 110 for a 10 year old beginner? (He fits either bike fine.)

It worked out well for the "Initial ThumperTalk Union".

Notes of interest:

We had riders of all levels - from novice to Howard Huge.

We had riders of all temperments - nice, meek, lovable guys like Howard Huge.

We had sexual preference - heterosexual guys like myself to...uuhh...Howard Huge.

We had guys that came out of the closet - like Howard Huge, to guys that went into the closet, like myself.

Bryan Hulse FORCED me to sleep in his closet!!! &%$#@!!!!???

[the closet was the size of a small bedroom!]

We had guys that showered DAILY, like myself, to guys that CONSERVED water, like Howard Huge!!


There was also a concern of ACCOUNTABILITY! If someone should get hurt...will the next of kin find ThumperTalk RESPONSIBLE?? This WAS a real concern, as it should be!!

It fell in the laps of the local guys: Kerry T, Bryan Hulse, Dougie, Kerry W. to lead the pack through. Not a small task!.

If one does not know their way around Moab, good luck! I couldn't have made it. I would have had to stay at the Moab Brewery, looking all lonely and sh*t... :)

I do not know if any extra's exist, but Randy in Canada (Hoser # 1 )filmed the trip, put it on VHS and dubbed in some super soundtrack!

I should watch that tape again!! :D

Hey Howard!! :D

Kevvie, ya miss me?? You forgot to mention that you slept on your stomach in that closet :)

I am looking foreward to a Thumpertalk reunion so we can get caught up (or was it play catch) I'll be pitching thanks! :D


Kev you're killin' me!!! :):D:D:D


East coast and West coast reunion sounds more like what people want.I vote for Hatfield and mcCoy trials on the East coast :)

There I go again advertising West Virginia :D

There will be the second annual EAST Coast ride this spring (June). I held a two day ride last year, we (Kev in NH, mike68, mcarp, npuza, sbohannon and angrycandy) had one day of MX and another of trails. We also got treated to mike venison chili, drank a few labels for mikes bike and watched Kevin jet his bike :)

This year I hope to have access to a track, that we can ride all to ourselves.

Stay tuned


Kev, Howard,

Man....I don't know about this. I read about Kevins film with some cheap dubbed in sound and them go and read Howards closet confessions. It can only make me wonder what kind of riding you were doing out there. Also, what kind of movie XXX. :)

Pete :D

Wait a minute.... Kevin, I'd swear you were the one conserving water - that riding gear of your's reeked :)

As far as Kevin & Huge go, I think Mike in Silicon Valley might be getting a little jealous now that the secrets out. Huge must of been real quite when he snuck out of his & Mike's one bed 'cabin' each night to meet Kevin in his closet :D

I like Colorado - say maybe Crested Butte?


Originally posted by Bryan Bosch:

Every time I see pictures on TV of Afghanistan, I can't help but think about how good the riding looks! :) Afghanistan it is! :D:D

One minor thing (s) to consider.....

current estimates are that there are in excess of 14 million land mines (faction war, Soviets etc)...and actually closer to 20....

I know that aint much, and nothing can hurt us Thumpertalkers....but....HR is a Combat Engineer.....and from personal experiance with these things for close to 20 years....

you will have to count me out on this one....and if things continue....I will get a free all expense paid trip there here pretty quick anyhow!..

its all good...



:) EErrr... you know having read all this, I've just consulted my diary...and do you know? I


If anyone is interested in Moab, UT, then we need to think about sometime like Memorial Day or Easter weekend. The weather is pretty hot in July and it is more scenic in the spring.

Of course Moab offers a variety of trails that are great for beginners to experts. Most of the trails that a motorcycle can go on is accessible by any level of rider. I've dragged my wife on some pretty technical stuff (Poison Spider Mesa) on her XR200 and she did well.


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