What kind of performance improvement could I expect by installing a rickystator? Was thinking about the 200w for $150. Based on forum looks like I could wind my own. :lol: Pretty tight on time these days and would rather be riding than working on bike, but can't stand the dimming between revs.:confused:


My bike had a 2 coil high output stator on it when I got it. I don't know if it's a Ricky or a BajaDesigns, but they are pretty much the same. Currently, I'm running one coil to the headlight. If I run a 55/65 bulb I get almost no dimming at idle. However, I'm running a 90/110 H4 bulb. I get dimming, but I really like my 110 watt high beam. It makes an amazing amount of light. However, I really want 2 of these.

I had a dual sport kit, but time has taken it's toll. I have only a single turn signal left and the tail light finally broke off a couple of months ago. I'm going to get that all refurbished. I'll use that second coil to run the dual sport kit. I'll also use a decent battery and get a second headlight. That headlight will run off the battery so I still have light when the engine quits. Sudden unplanned darkness sucks.

I think you can get one on ebay for a little less, like $130.

Check out Baja's website I changed a WR450 stock from 80 to 120 watts by moving two wires. You may need to get a larger Regulator rectifier, call Baja to see what you can do with your stock stuff. Might save you some dollars.

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