Tired of my supertrapp IDS2!

Ok I've been running my supertrapp IDS2 for over a year and finally came to the conclusion it blows big time. I've got 19 discs in the can and it's loud as hell. Dont like the noise but all the discs lets it breathe to get almost all the performance out of it. Pulled all the discs all out and the thing rips hard but the noise can shatter glass.Running Daves mods+Dyna jet kit with a 165 main, uni filter,Stage 1 cam, snorkel in the trash,de-smogged,air box drilled a few times for more flow.Anyone got a good suggestion for a new muffler thats not too loud and flows good? By the way I'm at 500ft above sea level.Doubt that makes a difference on muffler choice but thought it may be relevant.Thanks in advance all you thumper riders always have good advice.:lol:


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