D606s that will fit on 07 XR650L

I've done much searching, and am ready to change the tires on my 07 with 200 miles. After a terrible sand experience last weekend with the stock "Deathwings", I'm puttin' some Dunlops on this weekend.

For the rear, I have 3 choices:

130/100 18, 130/90 18, or 120/90 18. I've heard the 130 may rub. Is that true? I know a taller tire like the 130 my affect my stock gear ratio adversely. I may go a tooth or two bigger in the rear eventually. I've just heard the 120 does not bite as well.

For the front I've only seen one choice:

100/90 21. Any comments?

Gonna buy in less than 3 days, so feel free to comment!


Put the 130/90/18 on the rear. It willl fit in the swingarm with no problems. U can actually put a 140 back there if u remove the chain guard. When u put the 130 on u will have to remove the disc guard and then reinstall once tire/wheel is in place.:lol:

Yea, the 130 will fit with no problem. Going down 1 tooth on the front sprocket is about the same as going up 3 teeth on the rear & the stock chain length will work.

You can always take a look at the Dunlop website. They have recommended rim sizes for all their tires. A quick look there shows that there are only 2 options not 3. The sizes are 120/90-18 which is designed for a 2.50 rim and 130/90-18 which is designed for a 3.00 inch rim. Since you 650L only has a 2.15 inch rim you may be better off with the smaller tire.

When you put a tire on a smaller than recommended rim, the tire has to bend around more to reach the rim. This causes the profile to be more curved. In the soft stuff, like mud and sand, it doesn't matter too much. On the road or other hard surface the extra curvature results in less contact area. On your rim the smaller tire may actually have more contact area.

It really depends on how and where you ride. If there are sand dunes in your future, get the larger tire. Want it to last a little longer on the road, get the smaller one.

Thanks for the help. I am planning more for dirt, as I already have a street cruiser.

What size is the consensus for the front? Is bigger better?


Buy the 130/90/18. The tire people round those numbers anyways, so it's never exact. I've never heard of the 130/100/18, but that will just be a little taller than the 130/90/18.

I had a 120/90/18, and it is actually SMALLER than the 110/100/18 D739's I was running before. The 130/90/18 is just a touch bigger than the D739. But, if it doesn't rub on my 650R, I promise it won't rub on your 650L.

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