Indicator fault on 06WR450F

Hey guys, just asking if anyone has had a similar problem and may know how to fix it.

After my first proper decent ride I've had on the bike I came back and found that the indicators weren't working. I've tried to fix it however I can't find any problems along the lines to which I can see.

I woudln't think it was a fuse as when I initially started it up the next time without doing anything the indicators worked fine for a few seconds before stopping again.

Any help would be appreciated.




Same thing with my 05wr450f, indicators will not work after washing of the bike. (they will work sometimes at higher rpms). after 10 - 15 min of riding they work fine.

May have something to do with water getting into the wire connectors or switch block, flasher unit.

not much help but at least your not alone with this problem.




Yeah thanks mate, although annoying it is a bit reassuring to know that I'm not alone with that problem.




Went over all the wires today. cleaned out any water in the switch block as well as the ignition key, cleaned/check all connectors.

still had problems with the indicators.

replaced the flasher can with one from a auto shop.

problem fixed !

typical. should have checked that first.

hope this helps



Thanks for your help. Took it into a Yamaha dealer only yesterday. They said it was the FLASHER CAN. They said they usually have problems with indicators staying on instead of not going at all, but yeah, that was the problem with mine.

I also noticed that before the indicators shat themself they were blinking slow when RPM were down and would speed up as RPM did. Now they're blinking evenly at all RPM.

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