CBR wheels on a XR650L?

I've seen a few referrences to this but does anyone have any infor or links to the actual process to do this? Things like spacers/axel mods, brake and sproket set ups etc. Thinking of setting up a set for my XRL as street only wheels. Thanks!

if you aren't in too big of a hurry- I'm doing a write up over on supermotojunkie putting CBR wheels on my 650r - the process is mostly the same, so of the measurements are different tho. i just found a guy to help me out with the machining, then after that it should be all downhill. i'm aiming for the end of the month to be done...

i'm using '94 F2 front and rear, it seemed this was the easiest swap, i don't race, so no need for a 5" rear.

i'm jonnym_xrr over there.

kubiak is the man for doing this swap- he's been alot of help to me. his bikes are badass

Thanks for the replies! No real hurry, although when I hit the throttle as I got on the free way today my back tire broke loose (bit wet) and I thought "I could use a bit more tire back there.."

I've read the threads but a write up would be helpful.

The f2 easier than the f3's?

4.5 should be fine for me too since this is a daily driver.

What about the speedo/odo? Going digital?

i did it on the my 03 650r last season and wasn't very happy with them. it was my first supermoto setup so it might just be the way it is but they felt super heavy and that is what i hear from most other people that they just weigh alot compared to the stock wheels

They are twice as big.

I think that's going to weigh more. :lol:

Are these that much heavier than the 3.5 / 4.5 Supermoto wheels? Sure thier going to weigh more than stock but how about the standard supermoto set up? Seems like the trade off is more labor but a lot less $ than built wheels (true?). Adam574, how much did you spend?

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