What muffler are you running?

Hey all just wondering what mufflers you guys are running and what you like or dislike about them. Lookin to change out my supertrapp.

06 650L


im running an FMF Q2 on mine, lighter than stock, sounds great but not too loud and seemed to add a bit of power :lol:

I have a FMF Megamax muffler on my XR600R. It's a disc type muffler. I'm thinking of trying the FMF power core 4 next.

WB E-Series, kinda loud I'm down to only 7 discs. I don't like the exit it goes right over the blinker. But nice quality and is tuneable.

I've been happy with the WB E2. Not really tunable, but works fine.

I have the FMF Q2 on my 650R flows great sounds good no screen to clean

'04 XR650L....Big Gun Q-Series(complete system)....I like the ceramic coating, maybe a tad loud for the truely enviro-friendly...have had to re-pack after about 2k miles.


Thanks for al the replies gonna help my decision alot:thumbsup:


FMF Q..:lol:

Seems to be between the FMF Q series and the White bros. E series. Good to know.


I currently run the FMF powercore4, way too loud!

I will be going to the xrs only full stainless system, soon!

WB E-series, It sounds so great, nice and it rumbles. You wont be dissapointed.

XRs only full system in stainless oval muffer and spark screen. Matched to the XRs only mikuni flat slide carb non pumper.

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