96 XR600 has missing/popping problem

Help Needed!

The bike runs fine until it heats up and then the problems begin. After heating up the bike will still idle with the occasional miss (once a minute) but doesn't stop the bike. When riding the bike it accelerates fine if using 75% to full throttle but using 20%-70% throttle the bike starts missing a popping both on acceleration and when crusing. This just started happening this last week. We went ridding for 5 days and days 1-3 it ran great then I woke up to ride the 4th day and this started happening. I took out the carb and completely cleaned it jets and all. Also, it seems to be making a slightly more valve noise (clicking) than normal. Thanks in advance.

Check the valve adjustment and clean the air filter if you havent already. Try this and see.

Stator also

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