2007 wr450f out the door for under MSRP!!!!!!!!!!

I probably shouldnt post this cause im going to go down next week and buy my new 07 and now they'll probably be all gone but I wanted to help the So.Cal. guys seeing my local dealer in Santa Clarita is charging $8300 out the door .

I did some research and this place has the 07 in stock and out the door price is $6999:lol::confused: :confused: if you dont pay with a credit card.


No i dont know the guys, Im not profiting off the info bla bla bla. I know the questions will come if I dont send out a disclaimer. Just tryin to help out my fellow blue crew. Enjoy.

Got mine for $6700.00 out the door.:lol::confused:

in Australia the MSRP is $11,990 (AUS$) ... but of course there's deals to be done - hopefully by me around June !!

I just bought one today for $6294 out the door. Abernathy's cycles Union City Tn. They one more in stock for the same price.

California is the place! Because of all the competition there's a few "OTD" dealers in L.A and O.C that are giving smokin deals. I took an OTD quote to a tiny dealer near my house and they matched it ! I bought there for the convienience of the warranty and service if I need it. After the owner made the deal he said he hated those "OTD" shops and would never make that deal again.:lol:

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