Plastic set

You would think after 7 years of running the same model (650r) there would be a full plastic set available somewhere. I cannot find a full set. I can only find individual pieces available that are almost twice that of CRF plastics?

Any good place to purchase them?

A buddy is buying a 2000 650r that just needs cleaned up for $1500.

These guys have some good prices:

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Your Cart

Part Number Quantity Description List Price Your Price Order

17207-MBN-670ZA CVR, A/CLNR *NH196* $55.65 $44.41

83510-MBN-670ZA CVR, R. SIDE *NH196* $47.35 $37.79

61100-MBN-670ZB FENDER, FR. *R134* $62.75 $50.07

19072-MBN-670ZA SHROUD SET (TYPE1) $52.64 $38.5

19071-MBN-670ZA SHROUD SET (TYPE1) $52.64 $38.5

80120-MBN-700ZA FDR, RR. (TYPE1) $83.53 $61.1

Totals : $354.56 $270.37

YOU SAVE: $84.19

thank you!

gaucho, I have a new set of side number plates (white plates)...with or without the cutouts for $55 or $75 accordingly, plus shipping of course.


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