edelbrock carb or vortex ignition

hey guys i have a yz400f i have the notourious bog so i want to buy the edelbrock carborator but i also want the voretex ignition what should i get and if i buy the both how much power increase will i have and also who has the white bros e series pipe the original one that is tunable ? does it pass 96 decibles and how was the power increase thanks. Ryan

ive seen numerous reports that the edelbrock is crap.

the Keihin FCR is a far superior carb. id get the accelerator pump dialed in and a JD jetting kit. i did the same to my 1998 yz400 and its a heck of a lot better now.

I think you should fix the stock carb....it is much better than the Edelbrock - doing both Edel and Vortex sounds like a big mess to get right at the same time

I replaced my fcr after months and months of tring to get it to work. (i.e. jetting, ap mod) I still had a major bog. I installed the edelbrock carb. and have never had to deal with the bog problems again. It was the best mod I did to the bike. This is a great carb that has fixed every carb. problem I had. I dont know about the Vortex but I dont think I would try it. Good luck

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