Sprocket sizes/more speed 2003 4 speed

Just wondering what gearing you 4 speed 2003 450 riders are using. I believe I'm running 14/53 right now. Way to slow. It tops out around 70 but gets there in a hurry.:lol:

I was thinking about getting 15/48. Is that too much? I want it to keep up with the newer 450s. Somewhere around 90 top speed. I want to be able to keep on riding tight trails too. I think I will be alright because of the new TA pipe. It pulls gears alot better in the low end. Another reason is so I dont rev it as much because that is why I think it blew up.

Just wanted to know since I've never changed sprockets that drastically. Should I go 14/47 or 15/48? I don't know what to expect.

The 03' came with 14/48 if I remember correctly......(I know my 2004 has 14/48)

I believe it would hit about 85 mph at top speed.

If you go to 15/48, you're likely to have problems with tight, twisty stuff. It will probably be too high of a gear ratio, especially if you are running a stock flywheel, and you'll tend to stall a lot. I've gotten used to my stock gearing on my 04' in the tight stuff, but I would Not want to go any taller with the gearing.

Do you really have that many open areas in Illinois that you can go that fast for very long?? This sounds like a question from a Desert rider...

i put a 15/48 on my '04 and it made a huge difference in top end speed no one could really keep up with me on the top end but it did kind of kill the low end you kind of have to get used to it so you dont stall alot but i liked it better than the stock gearing i like to go fast i dont ride tracks mostly desert. my buddies cr 500 had a hard time keeping up with me. all i can say is try it its cheap $8.00 for one at rockymountainatv.

I think I'll just get a 15 and a 14 sprocket and see what I like more. Thanks for the response. I could probably pull the 15 I'll have to experiment.

I run a 15/49 almost everywhere on my '03. It's a bit much in the tight stuff, but I don't ride that much of it, and I have a Hinson clutch in it. :lol: Top end is about 88 on asphalt, vs. 82-83 stock. Overall, it works well for me.

14/47 for long open tracks...more top speed than most rider can even handle....and you can really use every gear:thumbsup:

Hey Grayracer I decided to run 15/49 even before you posted!!

Another Q is do I need to buy a 2003 or 2004 clutch cable since its a later year clutch?

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