Trailtech's new OEM Dashboard


How much???

Are there any currently available "dashboard" computers that have the neutral, directional, hi/lo indicators integrated in?

Look at the Acewell; Service Honda's got them.

I bought the trailtech vapor when it first came out last year. It arrived with the temp sensor for a water cooled xr, not an air cooled xrl like I splained to them. When I called them to ask for the correct sensor, they wanted me to pay for it. About a month later, the battery cover cracked and fell out on the trail. I was in the NC mountians at the time (27F) and ice formed inside the unit, it hasn't been right since. I am sure that somehow this is all my fault, as I have quite a few items from trailtech that work fine, but I am in no hurry do business with them again.:confused:

Looks like I will be checking into the acewell.:lol:

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