XR650R Help

I've got a really weak spark (compared to my 450 EXC). The service guys

I've talked to say the "pulse generator?" will either work or it wont.

I've played with it for a while put it down now I'm back. Thanks for

the help with the vacume line fit right under the tank in the rubber

isolator < I'm blind. It will start and run < shortly) on ethier, The

carbs been cleaned professionaly and I talked with the guy that did it

explained to him what the situation was <when I did get it started

before I could putt on it till about 2000rpm< guess)then it starved for

fuel. Went through the carb again and all I can blame it on is the weak

spark < not the bright blue/white I'm used to. Can some one give me

idea for what to try next.

Honda who wants about 100-150 just to look at it says if it sparks at

all it will run.

If the advice is to go through the carb again I'll do it but I don't

think that's it. < But what do I know :lol:

Thanks in advance.

Weak spark would lead me to try a new sparkplug first.

Starved for fuel could indicate an air leak on motor side of the carb.

Thanks looking into it

Well that is not necessarily true. You can have electronics fail but still work, just not properly. Electricians will what is called megging. It is a test to see how much deterioration or breakdown a motor, coil, or wire may have.

Does it start easy? If so, i would say that you have sufficient spark.

I would check your jet sizing, air filter, intake connections (Carb to rubber boot, rubber boot to head), carb breather lines, carb mechanical operation (slide linkage is working, choke plate-is the backfire flapper still there?), fuel petcock, fuel sceen in tank above petcock, fuel flow (loosen brass screw at bottom of carb float bowl near hose to open up drain), and smog block-off plates if applicable on your model.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. Its hard to troubleshoot something like this without being able to look at it.

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