YZ tank for Sale

I would like to offer for sale a YZ tank and radiator shrouds. The tank is in great shape and radiator shrouds are covered with One Industries Graphics. The shrouds have some white ghosting but not visable through the graphics. The tank off of a 1998 yz400f, so its the thickest gauge plastic tank made for these bikes. Not prone to cracking as were the 2000's. The tank will fit all YZ's/ WR's 1998 to present but the rad shrouds may not as I think Yamaha changed the rad mounting position in 2000. I am looking for $110 plus $15 for shipping. First come first serve! Paypal accepted.

fershy yztank.jpg

Hi Fershy

I would be very interested in buying your tank and shrouds I live in Brisbane Australia.

I have a 99 Model WR400 would this be compatible?

If so could you please find out cost of shipping and exchange rate & I will organise payment.

Andrew odgers@iprimus.com.au


I think it is going to run one arm and one leg!!

(in U.S. giberish, that means a bit).

I was going to send a tank to a fellow thumpertalker a few years back, I think the shipping was quite vicious! I never did.

Fershy,I will take your tank and shrouds.check your private mail please.Thanks cory

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