pro circuit ti-4 slip on for 07 yz450

I am thinking about buying the procircuit ti-4 slip on and was wondering if anyone has tried this exhaust on there 07 yz.If so where does it add power?Is it across the whole powerband or just a specific spot of the powerband?Ive been told it increases power through out the powerband.Any feedback on this exhaust would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

I bought the entire Ti-4 system and am not disappointed. My '07 feels like a new machine. Hits harder and revs out stronger - more beef everywhere. I also added the Boyesen Quickshot and played with the jetting and GYTR fuel screw as well, so it all plays a part.

I have never had a bad experience with ProCircuit - good stuff. Too bad we can't buy the same can as the pro bikes, but that is because PC feels they can afford to toss them vs. repack like most consumers would want. You can tell on the pro bikes that the exit hole does not have the inner pipe cap and does the tip does not bolt to the muffler. I ordered the special billet tip and it has a larger diameter. Here's a link to a picture after installation and - the head pipe has since turned a beautiful blue color.

VPMX - Nice looking bike..

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