WR450 assault on Dakar

2006 Steel frames:thumbsup:

After 2 hard technical rides for the opening days the little WR450's are on top!:confused: :confused: :crazy:

After 2 Stages:




David Fretigne is in 9th lost another 3 minutes from the first stage to the leaders.:lol:


Great shots Rosta! The details of the mods in those pics is amazing! Oil & coolant tanks and built into the skid plate are so cool!


It is my understanding that this is actually a mandated provision for potable water. Minumum 3L on board the motorcycle for safety reasons.


go wrs :confused: just hold them big ktms off :lol:

Questions from someone who knows nothing about Dakar:

  • What's the purpose of the wimpy looking low mounted front fender? Looks like it belongs on a 7 year old girl's bicycle........

  • Do these bikes have the standard WR 5 speed tranny? I couldn't imagine buzzing the motor for so long at high rpm. I'm sure the motors can take it, but wouldn't it kill your gas mileage, i.e. effective range?

^^ I was wondering the same thing. Also, why the stock puny radiators? Makes sense that they'd wanna go to a bit larger ones, simply given the fact that dust'll cover them up in about 30 sec

It's my understanding that the low fenders allow air to hit the engine. High fenders tend to divert it down. This is Africa in the winter but it still can get hot out there. Every bit of cooling helps.

I also think that there is a bit of aerodynamics involved. Something to be considered when you take a dirtbike to 160km/h.


Personally I think the low fenders look cool.

Check out what you COULD have gotten for your 40,000 euros at: http://www.challengeyamahadakar.com/en/index800.htm :lol:

It's now only a matter of money, or great sponsorship!

..... that is if the pilot is up to the task .......

Who wants to sponsor me?!

After 5 stages our best WR450 is our best rider David Fretigne.

David is in 8th place place overall but leads the 450 class!

On Stage 5, in the 450 cc category, Portugal’s Ruben Faria (Yamaha) triumphed, with the 6th-placed overall scratch time on the fifth stage. But is behind due to 1 hour in accumulative penalties on day 4.

Other WR450's:

Rodrigues is in 11th

Marchini is in 12th

On a sad note we lost another rider to the Dakar this year:

Dakar rider dies

South African Elmer Symons died early in Tuesday’s fourth stage of the Dakar rally from Er Rachidia to Ouarzazate.

The race headquarters received an Iritrack alert at 9.16am, coming from 142km into the fourth stage.

The medical helicopter reached the crash site eight minutes later but the race direction could only record the death of the rider.

Head of a company specialised in the exportation of metal parts from the United States to South Africa, 29-year-old Symons was taking part in his first Dakar as a competitor.

He was 18th overall after Monday’s third stage on his KTM.

Ive brought this thread up because I don't have T.V.

If it's not to much trouble could someone on this thread give a regular update of the Dakar.

Thanks .

After Half the race is over; Stage 7 the little blue bike that could is still in the top 10!:lol::confused::crazy:

8th position overall (2nd in 450cc class) RODRIGUES (POR) YAMAHA WR450

11th position overall MARCHINI (FRA) YAMAHA WR450

Looks like Fretigne was forced to retire during stage 7. :lol:

Yamaha wins another stage today. Rodrigues won his second overall stage!

After 10 stages and less than a week to go to the finish. The little blue bikes are moving up in the top ten!:lol:

6th position overall (1st in 450cc class) RODRIGUES (POR) YAMAHA WR450

9th position overall (2nd in 450cc class) MARCHINI (FRA) YAMAHA WR450

Yamaha WR450's Running 1st and 2nd in the 450 class! In fact Yamaha WR450's fill 7 of the top 10 positions in the 450 cc class! :confused::crazy:

Picture Of Marchini & WR450 (#20) going down! He was OK and so was the WR!


That's a slick looking headlight/number plate setup. I wonder if you can get something similar in after market. Or would you need the whole faring setup too. Which also looks pretty good IMO.

Here is what this year's Dakar kit looks like on the 2006 WR450:


WR450 full kit with painted finish & Decals:


Full Dakar kit from Yamaha France:


sure wish that link on that last photo worked .....

yamaha-racing .com

hey indy, know where to get any of this special dakar kit?

especially the oil tank and oil cooler mods?

I want to do the TAT ..... and those parts would come in handy!

Wow, what a great kit! Love the dual fuel tanks. The extra fuel milage would certainly be welcomed. Not so sure about the extra weight.

Oh to be independently wealthy...

WR450F - Hélder Rodrigues

He won the 10th stage!

He's now in the 6th position overall, the WR450F gave a hard time to the KTM's 660/690.

I'm new around, Hi everyone.

sure wish that link on that last photo worked .....

yamaha-racing .com

hey indy, know where to get any of this special dakar kit?

especially the oil tank and oil cooler mods?

I want to do the TAT ..... and those parts would come in handy!

I recommend you add your own oil cooler and inline tank.

Here is how I did mine without a tank but the pump can handle a quart sized oil tank if you had room to tuck it somewhere up front:


Only complaint is that the oil change requires you drop one hose and push the ebutton to pump oil out of the line to get a complete flush. I just dont worry about having 4 ounces of oil mix in with the new oil. Change the oil enough and you wont have to worry about a complete flush.:lol:

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