Curious about a 450

I ride an 06 wr250. I would like a little more power, but I love the lightness of my bike (NO Aluminuim vs Steel debates Please). Has anyone switch from a wr 250 to a wr 450, and what is your satisfaction with the heavier, but more powerful 450. I mostly ride tight trails and hill climbs, some logging roads but love the deer trail hill climbs.

Thanks for any info guys :lol:

Please do a search on this!!! Not to be a total peckerhead, but this topic comes up about once a week and I'm about to die from the redundancy :lol:...SC

Sorry, I have searched on the 250 forum and thought it might be biased, forgot to do the same on this forum, my bad, always good discusion though. I like when a newbie comes onto the 250 forum and I can see what everyone has to say. I am sorry for the inconvieniance.

go for the 450, you won't be sorry.

Take a trip to the KTM forum and see what they have to say about the 300XC.

Ok, here is a different way to put what I was trying to ask.

Has anyone traded up from a 250f to a 450f and had regrets?

I am sure this has been asked, but I did a search and couldn't find this exact question. Thanks

Buy the 450 ,, and you won't be sorry ,, the spot I ride at ,, there is a 15 year old kid that rides a xr650 and throws it around like a rag doll ,, I've watched him jump it between 8-12 feet and the whips it around berms likeit wa an 80.

I take my nine foot chopped and throw it around like a stock soft tail,, you'll get used to it just like your 250 in no time.

Ever see Ricky C throw that rmz 450 around ,, the bikes got 40 lbs on him,, ride it and you will learn ,, go with the 450 .

where'd my post go ?

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