93' xr650l Gas Mileage---35mpg?

Hi all, first off thanks for all the help and advice on this site.

I recently bought this bike and after a few tanks of gas realized that it is only getting 35mpg. It has a big bore kit, supertrapp pipe, and is re-jetted, but it has not had Dave's mods or any other carb mods done.

Most of my riding is done on the street, but the bike has dual purpose tires. It has nearly 18,000 miles, but starts and runs like a new bike. I am just wondering why it is not getting the 45-55mpg that I read about.

Any help would be appreciated!

Congrats on the bike, big bore kit =more gas.Re-jetted carb=more gas. Supertrapp pipe=more gas due to increased flow. So thats where 10mpg has gone, more power usually requires more gas. Your doing good , I've piped mine jetted it Uni filtered and stage 1 cammed it and I get about 32mpg. So in my book your ahead of the game. :lol: Have to see what other riders say.


Can you tell me more about the stage 1 cam. I've read a little bit about it, but I know nothing about cams, how they work and how to install them.


For the engine and exhaust mods the jetting was likely made richer. It might be a little on the rich side and that is why the mileage is down. Stock the bike is setup very lean and this helps it to get 45 mpg. A lot of the mileage number depends on your riding style. The high numbers are achieved by people who drive like grandma.

If your range isn't enough, get a bigger tank. Otherwise you can try playing with the jetting, just don't get it too lean or engine problems can and will happen. For safetys sake I like running a little rich.

The stage 1 cam has slightly different valve opening profiles when compared to the stock cam. This results in some more power and where the power is in the RPM range. They are no too hard to install. They are a good match to a big bore kit.

One part of Dave's mod is shimming the needle. It helps richen up the mid part of the throttle. Perhaps the pilot or main was made overly rich to help this flat spot if the shimming was not done. Drilling the slide allows it to respond quicker to throttle position changes. It doesn't make any difference to peak power, it just helps the engine respond faster to throttle changes.

35 mpg is not bad at all, especially if you ride like you mean it, not like grandma. Mine 04 L gets between 30 and 40 depending on how hard its ridden, its just uncorked and geared down a little.

I have about the same setup, but with a mikuni carb. I usually figure about 30-35mpg the way I ride. I can get 41 mpg babying it.

My '94 motor is all stock except the normal uncorking, Dave's mods, and an FMF Q. Riding to work I get around 40mpg if I'm not ripping on it too much. When I bought it I thought I'd get better than that, but between the crappy aero, knobby tires, and tendency to ride it hard, I've just gotten ok with the mileage it gets.

Want to get 60 mpg? Get your buddy that works for holley, edelbrock, who ever, design that fuel injection system and software to match. Should not be that hard, a couple of sensors, etc... Its basically one eighth of a small block chevy that revs a little more! Theres definately a market here, someone more savvy than I should be able to figure it out! Thoughts? :lol:

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