Should i carb my 06 650l?

Hi guys thanks for all the help getting my bike to where it is.:lol: I"ve got the Hotcam stage 1,Uni filter,Dave's mods with a Dyna-jet chaser and a 165 main,supertrapp with 19 disks.Bike pulls hard wheelies through second so I was debating whether a carb uprade is needed and if it makes that much difference after what I have done already.So will it do any more and if so which carb works best?


And the snorkel is history too plus I drilled a few holes in the top for more O2


Definately upgrade! best are either edelbrock, readily available from ebay $399, or keihen 41mm FCR from xrs only $525. :lol:

Thanks Rebelventure will check it out.


I just put an edelbrock on mine I also have the stage 1 hotcam xrs only header with e-sieres muffler and 10.0-1 je piston. Now it pulls the front all the way thru 3rd. The carb is easy to adjust best mod so far.

If your bike's running primo, and you don't ride at different elevations on a weekly basis, then no. Keep your stocker.

Personally, I run the Edelbrock for ease of adjustments for different altitudes,

the stocker being a pain to re-jet all the time..

Even after doing the Dave's mods, the replacement Edelbrock still seemed to make a world of difference to me.

Throttle response with the CV carb will always be crippled compared to a manual-slide carb.


Gonna take the Edelbrock dive want to be able to change my jets out quick like Tirebiter can do.Just joined a dualsport group and elevation changes are on the horizon. Thanks for the input everyone.


The edelbrock has a feature called dial a jet, to rejet just turn the dial, key with these carbs is a needle that will work within the given range of jet adjustment.

Thanks for the info Rebelventure, thats even cooler than swappen out the jets, I thought it was come kind of external accessed jet system:bonk:


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