Jeremy getting lapped???


1/6/2002 - Vuillemin Wins Anaheim Supercross

Carmichael crashes out; McGrath 13th.

Its a jungle out there! :)

Sun Don't Shine on the Same Dog All the Time....

as they say.....Gore Happens



Only the first race. My bet is that he will ride like he's possessed all year. Some nasty spills tho. And a nice one by RC!

This is the year of LaRocco.

I was hoping pastrana would do better

Dont underestimate the Aussies.. Chad Reed & Micheal Byrne... Reed actually beat McGrath when he was out here for a supercross recently

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what about little james bubba stewart? that kid is fast :)

The Aussies hauled!!! They both won their respective semi's. They speak the language with style and none of the attitude that we seem to get from some of the euro-riders.

Can't blame Jeremy for not pushing it. He got a lousy start (that will change). When RC crashed, MC only had to cruise to be ahead of him in points. If MC pushes it and also crashes, he hasn't capitalized on RC's mistake. They both should do better in San Diego. It's a long season, both should be up front in a few weeks. Remind me at Las Vegas of the current point spread. It may determine the championship. I heard MC was having some arm-pump problems in practice. Maybe the issue.

Bubba ROCKS!!!! This kid is for real. Faster, by far, but still smooth. Crashes were due to rookie mistake and youthful exhuberance. He will learn, no doubt. He reminds me of a young MC.

Carmichael didn't take long to get fast on the Honda!

how old is McGrath?

McGrath turned 30 this past year. Time for him to retire before he goes out making a fool of himself. Should have retired when he still held championship title. He beter watch out for the young guys! Or should I say the older guys(LaRocco!!)

You may be right, WRoost. MC may be too old and too busy running the team to be effective. LaRocco is a class act! A few years ago, my son sent letters to a number of supercross riders for a school project. Only Lance Smail and Mike LaRocco answered personally. Takes a big person to take time out of their busy schedule to do that. I would really enjoy seeing LaRocco win the championship!

I agree. I kinda thought that last season MC should have retired. But, you know what they say about old age and trechery(sp?). :) Anyway, its up to him. Even if he goes out a looser no one can take away what he has accomplished. I would still admire him. :D

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