Speedo drive plastic gear

Hi I've managed to strip the threads/teeth on the nylon gear in the speedo drive on my WR450 .(04)

I use on and off road so could do with a replacement for when plod is about :lol:

I've searched the forums and titnternet but have found nothing, although I've had a quote from my local Yam dealer trying to sell me the whole speedo drive for £85 !!!!!!!!!! I could do with a cheaper option.

Does anyone know where to buy one from or if the nylon gear is interchangable with other 21" front wheeled Yam's ?

Or shall I go for digital ?

Thanks for your help:uk:

I did the same thing and am not willing to pay the 80+ dollars that it takes to replace it. So I have sealed it up with silicone. But I am with dnscrap if any of you know where to pick one up cheaper we would appreciate it.:lol:

I did the same thing and they want 135 bucks here in Canada for the case, seal,

gear and worm gear. You would think Yamaha would offer just the plastic gear

but no they want to rape you for the whole unit. I bought a 22 dollar crappy tire

shwinn digital bicycle speedo, that works as well as those high dollar trail tech

speedo's. You can even get one that is wireless.

I had an ad here for a while and got one reply from somebody that wanted to sell me the whole speedo drive unit for 50 bucks U.S. I thought that was still a little too pricey.I was willing to go 20.

If you really want the gear, I see them come on e-bay once in a while.

Good luck

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