Radiator Thermometer "tape"

Hi all,

I've recently just converted my yz400f into an enduro/dual sport, and given that I won't always be going fast, I'm worried about overheating.

In the past, I've used this "tape" that is actually a thermometer that will *roughly* tell the temperature of the coolant inside. The ones I've used are no longer than 5" and simply glue onto the side of the radiator. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I've gotten them! :lol:

None of the motorcycle shops in town carry them, so does anyone know of a dealer online etc. who might?

Thanks for the help!

I Have Seen Them In The Dennis Kirk Off Road Book.

Pro Circuit makes them.

I don't want to hijack your thread but you might want to look at Trail Tech Vapor as a solution. It tells you exactly how hot your engine is plus it gives rpm, speed, odometer and ambient temp. Ambient temp doesn't work sometimes since bikes are not in the shade a lot of the time. Its a breeze to install.

How much do the Vapor cost?

Yes how much does the Vapor cost? Thanks guys for the quick answers.

how did you wire the lights up on your bike??

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