Powder coating wheels and hubs?????

I was wondering if anyone has had there wheels and hubs powder coated and how they have held up to abrasive scratches ??? thanxs for the info :lol:

i belive you mean rims and hubs. and no, no one does that!

I wouldn't trust the heating up of the rims to powdercoat them.

i belive you mean rims and hubs. and no, no one does that!

not true at all, powdercoated hubs and rims are not uncommon even by some factory bikes... the hubs look pretty good IMO when they are powdercoated.. as far as the rims they hold up well.. just make sure if you get your hubs done they either plug the holes for the spokes or you may have to drill them afterwards cuz the powder is thick....

heres a pic of some powercoated hubs. its a silver, almost chrome base with a red clear..


by all means powdercoat, but in my opinion the stock hubs look best when you strip the paint and polish them. I would not powdercoat aluminum rims, but steel, sure! Anodizing works best on aluminum. The cost of powdercoating would be about the same as buying a set of excell rims though. If you want to powdercoat, do the spokes as they are stainless and powdercoat adheres well and you would definately be different.

I have had powdercoated rims and hubs. It sticks just fine to both. I am in the process of doing my hubs on my kx250f. As far as the wheels go I bought black ones. I would not do the wheels, they scratch to easy.

Buy excells, but I dont think they come in pink!:lol:

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