XR650R setup questions???

I recently obtained a plated 06 and have some questions for those in the know. Between the Clarke 4.3 and IMS 4.7 tanks. Is the IMS really worth $56 more ($169 versus $225)? I will later be adding a fan. Will the fan fit with the Clarke? IMS? Next, skid plate. Which one appears to be the best? From pictures the Utah looks good (3/16th thick) as well as the Moose. Are there better options for skid plate? Gearing thought I may go with 15-46 sprockets. A decent RPM at 65MPH-70 tops is what I am looking for without losing too much low speed tight woods gearing. Any opinions on this? 15-46 or 15-48 or what ratio? I read somewhere to only use the Honda countershaft sprockets, some of the cheaper brands not fitting too well causing major problems. Is that true? Lots of questions I know. Thought this would be better than 1 post at a time. Thanks much for your input-------------Rethy

If the counter shaft sprocket is too strong, the counter shaft will wear...that would be a bad thing. 15/47 is used to race baja and will do 105, so you may not need 15/46. Hope this helps...

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