Would A 93 CR250 Make A Good Trail Bike?

I have a friend that is a the original owner of a 93 CR 250 who wants to sell it. It is in great shape and he said he rode it a fair amount the first two years but not much after that. He said that it is only on its second set of tires and he wants $1500.00 for it.

My question is would this make a good trail/woods bike which I would want to put a lighting coil and street legal lighting kit so that I can make it street legal which is not to difficilt to do in my state of Michigan. I figure I would have another 6 to 700.00 into making it street legal which would put me up to having about $2200.00 into it.

In the latest issue of Motocross Magazine they test the 07 CR250 in which they compare it to the 93 CR250 which they said was the bike Jeremy McGrath raced for 4 years and liked better then the newer models. They said that the 93 chassis and power was better then the current 07 250.

I would appreciate and constructive input on what I am considering and if you think 1500.00 is to much or not and what lighting kit and lighting coil you think is the best for your money. Also any add ons that you think would be a good idea. Thanks

Not sure about the lighting kit but if you KNOW the bike is in good shape and you said you know the original owner..you can't go wrong. Buy it before someone else does!

I owned a 93 CR250 definately one of the better models. As for the chassis it's not better than the 3rd yr. aluminum frames. The motor had some grunt, very good powerband. For it's time it had a better chassis than the other 3 Jap. brands IMO. If it's in good shape, I would highly recomend it.:lol:

FMF Fatty is a must.. have it on my 97 and it is my trails bike. just have to have a strong clutch hand for you WILL be clutching Alot bro...

Yes,those bikes are awesome in the woods and actually still do good on an mx track.Get it,you wont regret it!:lol:

Absolutely buy it. I have had my '94 CR250 for nine years. Strictly a woods bike. Those bikes are rock solid bullet-proof. I have no experience with the FMF Fatty pipe, I have the PC pipe on mine and it rocks. It'll scream like a --------- and when you need the lower end grunt, you learn to ride it in that sweet spot just before it really hits the pipe. Very versatile, do anything bike. I love mine so much that there was no way I was letting it go when I got my '06 CRF450R. Now I have the best of both worlds.

I don't have the lighting coil on my CR, but I did check into it a while back. There are some available...I'm trying to remember where....check with Baja Designs....there was another place that had one that would make somewhere in the neighborhood of 120-130 watts (enough to run a bike headlight and a helmet mounted unit)...damn, I can't remember...the co. name was the owner's name...if I find it, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, get that bike!:lol:

Thanks for the input everyone. The owner is out of town and will be back tomorrow so I hope to check it out then. He actually has two 93 CR250's. He and a buddy of his bought them to ride together and then his buddy got hard up for money so he bought it from him. He says both have about the same hours.

Does anyone know how long parts are easily available for these bikes?

I wouldn't worry about getting replacement parts...it's a Honda. You won't need any!!!:lol:

J/K...parts are readily available for bikes older than that. And for the common parts, let's say radiator shrouds, for instance...if you can't specifically find some for the '93, you can bolt up the one's from the '94, 95 and 96. (but personally, I thought the shrouds from the 94 were butt-ugly...I replaced mine with the 95's.) Alot of parts from those years are interchangeable...but not ALL! Always make sure first!

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