JE 290 kit going on tommorow along with dyno runs

Alright guys, I am going to install my JE 290 kit tommorow and slap it on the dyno. I will be doing before and after runs, along with runs with 93 octane vs. 100 octane. If you guys have any other ideas for me to test let me know as I will be on my dyno all day tommorow.

Does the dyno have a gas analyzer? Have all your jets/needles with you? Where are you going to start on jetting?

remember more displacement= smaller mainjet

I don't have my air/fuel monitor running yet. I am just going to step my main down 2 stages and my pilot 1 stage and start there.

Are you using a street bike tire for the dyno runs?

Yes, I will be mounting a street tire for the runs on my spare wheel.

What's your current exhaust/pipe situation, stock or aftermarket? Also do you run stock or aftermarket cams?

What's your elevation and temperature?

I'm very interested in your final results.

My seat of the pants dyno, my 03 290f smokes my buddys stock 04 250f :confused:

Thanks :lol:

Current exhaust is stock. Cams are stock. Elevation: 1100 ft, Temperature: about 50 f

I will be using standard ISO corrections to get my corrected horsepower though.

I am hoping for a 4 horse gain in the lower rpm range. I guess we will see

After you test the 100 octane, try a tank of U4?

I'm assuming this is a YZ rather than a WR since you still have stock exhaust, is that right? Interested in the results also :-)

Yes it is indeed a YZ. I am trying to get ahold of some U4.

Tell us about your dyno.

Is it something you made or purchased? Any pics? Something you have access to through work or just renting time on one?

I toyed with the idea of making one but it was beyond my discretionary budget after checking into it.

I would test different main jet & needle sizes also.

so it is a drum roller (aka dj150)?

before you post any numbers, what sprockets are you running on your bike?

It is an inertia dynamometer. I am running 13/49 sprokets

Alright guys, its on and running great, but my year old clutch plates have finally had enough of the rekluse. I have an extra set of plates that I will be putting in tommorow. Just FYI, base runs were right around 31 horsepower.

Here are my base runs. There are quite a few runs because I was testing different fuels with the stock setup. You can see, Octane makes absolutely no difference in horsepower. I tested 91, 94, 101 unleaded fuels. All made within .1 horsepower of each other. Cheers

How do you interpret those results?

I assume speed is proportional to rpm?

You snick it up to 5th gear and turn on the data acquisition from low to hi rpm?

How do the drum rollers on the trailer dissapate energy and measure it?

Way cool experiment!!!!

You are not dissipating energy (well I guess when the roller slows down you are), it takes so much horsepower to accelerate an object (roller) with a certain mass moment of inertia. The more horsepower, the faster it accelerates the roller. My data acquisition simply takes data on how fast the roller is spinning and the software then spits out a horsepower for you. And yes all runs are done in top gear to minimize torque at the rear wheel which causes slippage.

What year is the bike?

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