So realistically, how does a 06-07 YZ450F feel to a 06-07 YZ250F?

Well, I haven't ridden any 06-07 YZF yet. So I kinda need your guys help. I am going to get a new bike soon, possibly. But my major deciding decision is the following questions:

1.How light(in the corners, in the air, and overall) does the 06-07 YZ450F feel compared to a 06-07 YZ250F?

2.How does a 06-07 YZ450F turn/corner compared to a 06-07 YZ250F?

3.How is the power of a 06-07 YZ450F compared to a 06-07 YZ250F?

The first question to be answered should be how much experience aka riding skill and what kind of machine are or have you been riding. Although easy to ride in many respects a yz450 is not normally a machine for a 15yr old.

I have both an 06 YZ250F & YZ450F, the 250F feels a lot lighter in the turns & air. I can spin a lot more laps on the 250F than the 450F, it's just way easier to be smooth on because of the weight difference & power delivery. The 450F is way more of a thrill though! It's a tough choice for sure, good thing my wife can & likes to ride a 250F.

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