Street Tires

I Have A Plated 04 Wr450. I'm Fitting Up A Set Of 17's And Was Wondering What Tires To Put On. I Don't Ride Off Road And Don't Race. I Pretty Much Just Ride It Back And Forth From Work. I'm Looking For A Good Handling Tire That Gets Decent Mileage.

Thanks For The Help

I would go with a deep treaded radial tire using a high silica content formula which gives outstanding traction in rain and cold conditions with the heaviest tubes. The radials will cost more but they handle so much better on the street you will never regret the extra contact patch they provide.

The Michelin Anakee Rear with heavy tube:

First tire to combine rugged off road styling with serious all season road performance. Versatile tread pattern with deep channels for water evacuation and a high ratio of rubber surface to grooves for stable handling. Improved lateral rigidity and stability when compared to its predecessor, the T66. Silica based tread compound, a first in this market segment, for improved wet grip and durability when compared to the T66. Tubeless or tube type in all sizes thanks to a redesigned bead. Radial construction. Homologated as original equipment on Suzuki V-Strom and Triumph Tiger. H- and V-rated. DOT approved.



You cant get an Anakee front in a 17" so I would go with the Michelin Pilot Road Front with a heavy tube:

Radial design with two 75 degree plies bound by longitudinal 0 degree crown ply. Casing promotes comfort, durability and consistenthandling under changing conditions. Constructed of a versatile rubber mix with 100% silica renforcing fillers which help combat premature tire wear and reduce internal friction and excessive heat. Treat pattern provides superb traction in wet weather and even wear patterns. Tapered grooves channel water away from contact patch. Z rated; tubeless radial design.

110/80-ZR 17


You could just go with the Pilot road rear as well if the smallest 150/70 ZR17 will fit in the swingarm?:lol:

Dunno if you can get them in the USA but Maxxis Goldspeeds are the spot on, 120/70/17 front and 1606/60/17 rear, specific supermoto tyre in various compounds but the Silver Street ones are good for mileage and give great grip.

Alternativley a Avon Distanzia rear and a Avon Pro Xtreme front are the best for allround grip

Honestly the best comuter tire I've ever used on a bike have been the Perelli Scorpion syncs. Those are teh street versions of theier dual purpsoe line of tires. They are excellent high silica, heats up fast in rain, I could do wheelie adn stoppies on my buell no prob.

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