crank sprocket wear..

I installed a new cam chain a few months ago....and noticed some burring on my crank sprocket..and was wondering what a stock sprocket looked like..??

The cam chain I took off was actually in good shape and the cam sprockets look fine...I was just wondering how worn that crank sprocket is..If anyone hac a pic of their crank sprocket that would be great...01 426

The crank gear teeth should look the same as the cam gears teeth.

I would think so....I remember the crank teeth looking a little pointier....

after a lot of hours the crank teeth will wear out.ive seen the worn to the point of the cam chain sipping & grenading the motor.if the teeth get thin i would replace the crank its a lot cheaper than a entire motor.

While the crank sprocket is obviously going to be the same pitch as the cams, the tooth shape is slightly different. The best way to judge the wear is to compare the two sides of the tooth to each other. They start out symmetrical.

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