How to Best Protect Our Dirtbike Trails?

I'm looking for the most efficient and powerful ways to help make sure we have all the public dirt bike trails we need.

Here are some questions:

1) What are the real facts. Does someone know or Is there a report which shows how many acres we are losing per year? Or a report which lays out the issues?

2) Which are the best organizations who are fighting for our rights? Are they doing a good job related to their number of members and dollars to work with.

3) What are our organizations' numbers of members vs. the organizations which fight against us? Do we have the numbers of enthusiasts needed to have equal use/access to public land?

4) What are the other groups which have the most in common with us? ie ATVs, jeeps etc. Are we working together optimally?

5) What are specific steps we all need to take to protect our public lands? ie: Join which organizations?, encourage our buddies to join? ride on parks/public forests with quiet pipes? Get involved with trail maintanance? etc?

The Blue Ribbon Coalition is probably the most active group currently fighting for the rights of motorcycle/ATV riders. Our problem is that the "Environmental Terrorists" are willing to put up much effort and large sums of money to bring lawsuits against the Land Management groups who currently allow off road use. Our Problem is that as a group, Motorcycle/ATV riders tend to be less willing to put effort or money toward countering these ridiculous lawsuits. As a result the squeaky wheels (Terrorists) win and more land gets shut down. The Blue Ribbon Coalition fights these legal battles on our behalf and monitors the possible closures in an effort to promote responsible land use and cooperative efforts to keep land open to the public. I am pleased to see someone with interest and dedication regarding this matter, it is rare. If we all get ivolved we can win back some of our rights. If not we are screwed.

Joel is right. The enviros have been winning because of their use (abuse?) of the legal system. That takes money, time, and a big loud voice. Off road groups have not been pulling on the same rope until recently. It's getting better due to the efforts of a few really great people who have dedicated their free time to fighting for your rights and mine. Blue Ribbon is definitely the foremost in the U.S. CORVA is also good in California, along with Blue Ribbon. What happens in California will soon be in store for the rest of the nation, so if we can hold the line here, it will make it tough for the greenies elsewhere. People in other states can help by urging their Congressmen/women and Senators to remember our rights when voting on national land-use legislation. Remind them that you and your friends vote with land use issues in mind. It wouldn't hurt to lend some support for the ranchers in the Western US as well. The land-rights issue extends well beyond off road interests. Helen Chenowith in Idaho heads an organization dedicated to land rights issues. I can't recall the organization's name, but if you search the internet using her name you'll find them.

Our numbers are in the vicinity of the number of enviros out there. We are a small minority, but so are they. There is no definitive report that I know of, but if you visit the Blue Ribbon website, you can get updates on current issues and get on their email alert list.

Vote for those elected officials that support our right to use public land for recreation. Generally speaking, it is the conservatives in national politics that support these rights. Liberals support environmental causes for the most part.

Either ride where there are no other people, or use a relatively quiet pipe. We don't want to upset the general public, who make up the large voting block that will determine the outcome of this issue.

Annoy an environmental nut today!

I have heard that BRC, CORVA, Desert Vipers, AMA, and other off-road groups are poised to pour 4 million dollars into this fight! It's now or never.


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