Several questions regarding break in/oil changes/etc

...also the oil changes. every 4-5 good rides is ok. changing the oil after every race or every trail ride is silly. ....i change the oil and filter every 4-5 all day trips ...
How long you can go between changes depends a great deal on which oil you use. Looking at these two examples, you should be able to see that. Look at the properties section at the bottom of the page, at the SUS viscosity. Note that in the first UOA, Shell Rotella is below grade for a 40 wt, having been sheared down to a 30 in 930 miles in a road bike. By contrast, in the second, Amsoil MCV is still well above minimum for a 50 wt, even at twice the mileage.

You may be right, you may be far from it. Depends on the oil.

Just curious Gray, you mentioned 3 rides or 10 hours on oil changes. That's self explanatory on my normal riding weeks where one ride may be a 4 hour trail ride followed by two 1 hour trips to the track (less then 10 hours but 3 solid rides none the less). Since I got my YZ I've found myself at the track way more then normal so 3 rides might only be 2.5-3 hours if I just head over to the track for a short session (it's free and only 2 blocks from my house). So given the length of those types of riding days would there be anything wrong with doing maybe 8x1 hour rides. Maybe this is a dumb question but it seemed that you stressed 3 rides more then the 10 hours so I'm trying to figure out if it's more of a 3 times heating the oil up thing regardless of how long it stays hot as opposed to the actual hours that the oil is being used. This is my first brand new bike so I want to be more careful with it.

If I race the bike, I do it on clean oil, and it gets an oil change before the next ride. If I were to take it out for three consecutive short, relaxed practice sessions that were mostly just play and added up to less than 5 hours, I'd probably let it go until after the next ride, depending on what was coming. It's a judgment thing. Just use yours.

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