New Dr. D exhaust on 99' 400

Got this from the TT store, and installed it today. My first time out on this bike, the ranger suggested I get a quieter system, with a SA. So I did.

I only rode the bike once before this install, so I'm afraid I won't be able to offer a performance critique. However, it is noticeably quieter than the stock exhaust.







that is sweeeeeettttt

how much ??????????????

I see you havent run it much yet. Once you get it running, the pipe will change, to white in some areas. Its pretty cool looking.

Also, the thing I like, is it is very easy to take the SA out should you ever want to. My state doesnt require them, so I keep it out unless I got to somewhere like Utah or California.

Yes, I am happy with how easy the SA comes out. I have only ran it for 5-10 minutes for a test hot lap.

I think Thumper Talk's price was about $460. Good deal.

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