ok ive posted this before and still got no help so im gonna try again..

i recently had my bike rebuilt,Theres one hole on the bottom of the right

crank case below the water pump "weap hole"? or bypass hole?neways every time i start the bike and rev it or just sits there water will drip and gets worst when i rev it..i need to know what causes it to leak from there..ex..seal shaft and what not..theres no water being mixed in the oil ..just it streaks out of there alot so i cant ride..please give me some kind of info i just spent all this money and still cant ride..:lol: ANY feed back will be greatly appreciated!!! thanks.

Water pump bearings or seals. The hole is there to let you know when they are leaking. I would replace both the bearings and seals, as they are not that pricey. Check the shaft where the seals ride on it, too, to be sure it's not worn excessively. If it is, new seals will still leak.

birdy426 thank you so much man! you my new best friend lol..i havent been able to ride this thign in month cuz i didnt wanna spend anymore money then i already have and didnt want to buy sumthign that wasent goign to work but soudns easy enough THANK YOU!!!!!

My work mates DRZ400 had a habit of dripping out the telltale hole if the radiator was filled to the top. Once the level had dropped to the proper level of just covering the fins it would stop doing it and the water would flow to the catch bottle as its supposed to do.

yup my weep hole also leaked and it was my seals. Usually it's the seals; bearings don't get damaged nearly as easily. Just take apart the impeller and if your bearings rotate nicely w/ no free play, replace the seals. The whole process took me about 45 min; most of that time was dedicated to putting that ******* side cover back on the motor. Worst engineered part of the engine IMO.

Birdy426 is 100% correct. The hole is there to let you know that the seal is bad and leaking. Replace the seal and check the shaft for wear marks from the old seal or the problem will continue when you put a new seal in.

Weren't there some photos of the fix floating around on here somewhere?

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