06 yz450f gas tank

I have a 2006 yz450f and am looking for a bigger gas tank like the IMS 3.1. Just wondering if this tank is good or if their is a better one. and than wanted to know if thier are any porblems with the bigger tanks?:lol: Thanks

the only problem is that it will feel different in turns

I have one on my 05 WR and one on my 07 YZ I have never had any troble with any thing from IMS as far as feeling different in turns after a hour or two you wont feel the deference

the only problem is that it will feel different in turns

I just put an IMS 3.1 on my 06, and to say that it will feel different is pushing it. For one, the tank carries the majority of the extra fuel lower than the stock tank, and for another, we're talking about about 7-8 lbs. You would have to be one heck of an experienced rider with incredible SOTP feel to notice the difference. Perhaps in a side by side comparison it would be noticeable, but for the average joe you'd never know. What you will know is that you have 1.7 times the range over the stock tank. The only things I don't like about the IMS is that with the standard length fuel line you have to mount the petcock backwards. I'm going to swap out my fuel line for a 12" length one and remount my petcock facing outward. It's a pain to reach it when it's backwards. The other issue is that with my Unabiker radiator guards the lower shroud mount bolt is not long enough to span the gap created by using the larger tank. I solved that by putting 1.5" bolts in that position. Not an issue if you don't have guards. Also the seat cutout that goes on the tank post must be expanded or you can't get the seat on. IMS should have put the threaded insert forward about 1/2" but they didn't, so it's up to you to make it work. I used a Dremel with a sanding drum to remove some material and it fits fine now. But I went for a long ride last weekend, and my buddy rode my smoker that has a Clarke 3.6 gal tank. He ran out of fuel and I had 1/3 tank left. So I definitely recommend it if you are trail riding. But at $250 they aren't cheap.

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