Tail light on 650L

Todd, no and its a simple fix. I did the same thing to my 250R when I made here street legal and to my friends 650L as well. Here's what you do. Cut the TV set loose, just leaving the wiring. Go to your local NAPA or any auot parts store. Buy the smallest 1157 type socket. The have many differant looking ones, you just want the smallest. Also get an 1157 bulb. The slice it in to the exsisiting wiring. You will have to shorten everythin up, youll have too much slack. Then simply take the bulb and socket and lay it in the cavity under where the new 250R lens will fit (perfectly I might add). youll see two slits in the fender, take 2 zip ties and run them around the socket anf through the slits to secure the bulb and socket, the silicone the slits so mud an water cant enter from underneath. The simply install the new lens over the the new tailight/brakelight assembly and your styleing ! Works great, looks great and lasts long, no problems. Any further questions or clarifications jusy yell.

Thanks Dockingpilot :lol: Should have thought of that before, The way I did it was the long way.Heading to Napa tonight for the update n Thanks again


Man I spell like crap, surprised you could even read that :lol:

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