In my area I can save about $500.00 by buying a YZ426 instead of WR. With that money I can buy the ELINE stator and already have the YZ tank and Seat. Does the WR trans make that much of a difference? IS a 19" rear trouble. I 50/50 Moto and Trail ride. I'm in California . HELP...

Don't forget to add $125 to that YZ price if you want a kick stand! They do come in handy!

The Wide ratio transmission (WR) does make a huge difference if you plan to desert, dual sport, or tight woods ride. I imagine the cost to change to the WR gear sets would be a wad of cash. The 19" is well suited for mx but there is a wider selection of rubber available for the 18".

Personally I'd go with the WR if you are not using it exclusively for MX.


don't forget about suspension.. it costs about 500 bucks to make the wr suspension like the yz. If I had the choice over again I would go with the YZ and convert toward the wr. but that is because I am doing a lot of MX

Ion H.


How much is the stator is there a website, and are there complete headlight kits or do you have to make your own. What is involved in installation? I would like the yz suspension and I just like the look and stance of it more

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