Seal Head

Anyone have any experience rebuilding XR600 shocks? I have one that I really like that was setup by Precision Concepts,but it's starting to seep around the shaft. My questions are: Is it best to buy a seal head from Race Tech or original Honda parts from Service Honda? I've changed out seal heads before and they're fairly simple. I've never tried putting one together from loose parts. Also anyone know what weight fluid PC uses on it's shocks? Anythig special or unusual about the 94 XR shock? Thanks

PC uses 3wt, Race tech uses 5wt.

I have dealt and used both PC and RT, for service.

Race tech is more geared toward motocross and PC is more geared toward

Baja and high speed desert racing.

I prefer RaceTech.

I use a small screwdriver to first pry the rubber out. Then I use a small set of "ignition" plyers and just grab the lip and peel it back. Go all around it with the plyers about a 1/4" at a time. Takes me maybe 3 to 5 minutes to rebuild a seal head including the bushing.


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