Can a Year 2000 WR400F Be Rebored?

Hi Guys/Girls

Just Striped my WR400F! (Cus it seized!!) year2000

Found Mains Knackered and Big end seized up and also barrel slighty worn!!


Now i know i am going to have to have a new con rod kit. what would you recommend?

Also as the barrel is worn so can it be rebored? or is it plated? I can not find any information anywer so was hoping you could help??

Also does anyone know if they do a Yoshimura Tri can to fit a year 2000


Many Many thanks Guys!!!


The barrel will need replating but a guy over here bought a new barrel for his 400 from Thumpertalk and it was quite cheap. He upgraded it to a 426 which I think needs the the correct conrod (not sure on this) to go with it. Therefore, you can do the whole thing in one go, he said it went a lot better too!!

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