Slow blinkers when cold...???

I know this is kind of a small issue (unless you're in heavy traffic), but when my bike is cold the blinkers take forever to start blinking (especially the right side). Is this common, any quick fixes, adivce?


It means you have a Mechanical Solynoid(sp?) for the blinker and it takes longer to heat up to send the message to blink, my dad's does the same thing. on my bike its electrical which has a circuit board to keep it steady and not temperature dependent. I'd sugjest getting a electrical solynoid.

Where can I pick up one of the elec ones? You need this for the LED bulbs right?

Maybe your local shop? Try a google search.

:lol: change your blinker fluid :confused:

The electronic flashers are avail. at autozone, pep-boys, etc.


Do I need one or two? I haven't looked yet.

One. If you look at the back of your numberplate it looks like a little cylinder.

Do I need one or two? I haven't looked yet.

One flasher controls both sides, so just one.


Thanks, went out and found it.


I went to Checker Auto and the one they had that looked like mine did not work. I am ordering the one from ebay.

:lol: change your blinker fluid :confused:

hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!silly bugger.

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