Sticky turning (any ideas?)

I've recently noticed my front end starting to stick. I did have a horrendous crash this past summer that may have damaged the front bearing sets. Not sure though. I'm assuming that these are sealed bearings and do not have to be lubercated. Do you guys have any advice. It is a real pain in the ass not having the fluid control/response that it used to.



Your assumption is incorrect. They are not sealed and need regular maintenance (hi-temp grease). Do you have the owner's manual? If not go to your dealer and buy it right away. It is a wealth of information.

If you do have it look up the section on the steering for torque specs, etc. You should pull it apart right away and grease things up (and/or replace bearings/races as needed).

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Thanks man, I will get to the dealer this week.

I will get the LUBE and or new bearings.


The steering must be lubricated regularly, especially in the case of these types of 4-strokes. The oil circulates around the steering and heats the grease. Anyway it's really not a big work to do.

Also watch the swingarm and link bearings !!!!!!

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