hot cam...lost my decompression?...

i had a local shop do a dynotune and a hotcam in my xr650l..seems to have a bit more power..but i looked at the cam and the paperwork and it seems to no longer have an auto decompression!! now it almost wont start when cold...can i add a manual decompression? or can i add an auto decompression to a hotcam?...(doubt that). thanks guys for the help..i have out chasing "pink snapper" instead of riding)..i am back

ok, nobody wants to answer..or maybe the snapper comment..hmm..sooorrrryyy. i bought a 190 cca. battery and put a trickle does the job..the cam and rejetting helped and i went down to a 13 tooth counter sprocket..not bad.

Wish I would help ya...

I find the pink snapper comment humorous. They are probably my favorite type of fish...

yeah the snapper is pretty favorite,just dont let your girlfriend catch you with it on your breath. lol.

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