2003 YZ450F seat question

I have no clue what seat is on this bike - not sure if it's stock, tall, or ???

Here is the problem - the seat on there was made by either Scotty's or Home Depot. The softest thing about it is the grade 8 steel bolt that holds it on. I've never seen anything this hard... It's seriously not much softer than sitting on a wooden board LOL

Anyone know where to get a softer seat and/or lower seat.

I can remember back in the day all the mags used to laugh at the 92/93KX's saying they were wayyy to tall. This particular bike is a sky-scraper. Which leads me to believe I might have a "hard-tall" seat installed on this thing.

Cutting this one would be no problem, but then I'd have a lower 2X4 board to sit on instead of a 4X4 board to sit on!

On another note - the Eric Gorr big bore kit - with Yoshi pipe is just unbelievably fast on this bike. Tons of bottom, tons of mid... more dare I say than the CR500 I was riding back to back with it all day. Once the upper-midrange was cleared though, the CR500 with FMF exhaust was mind blowing fast. But this 450F engine is actually much crisper and leaps when you crack the throttle. Even the CR500 rider came back going "Man that thing's a hand-fullllll!" He was surprised at the amount of bottom and ripping midrange the Gorr motor was producing.

Back to that seat - two key words SOFTER and LOWER!

Who makes 'em guys?



Nice tip on the Eric Gorr big bore kit..

Good luck with the seat.

I am pretty sure you can cut it down a bit and put a little layer of foam in it..

You know, I never thought of putting a softer foam on top of it with a little glue... might just be the hot ticket.


mikee.... been watching this post for a while and have no input also. However i have a used yzf with the same issues. I have too other bikes, a yz125 and rmx250, and the seat on the yzf is easily twice as stiff as the other too.

If you find a way to figure it out let me know.


Mikee - call Guts racing and order a tall seat foam kit - soft -

this will keep your rear end cushy...good chance to dump the stock seat cover for a gripper of your choice....

So you luv that BigBore? ....I told you that is the bomb on a 03...what size did you go with?


Ga426 - Talked to Eric the other day and he was just laughing his tail off... I think he said the motor was 478cc with Yoshi exhaust - stock cams and head. But the 03 as you know revs quickly.

Jetting is so spot on it's scary. I had that CR500 to ride back to back and the YZF was just so much more INSTANT ON when you gave it any throttle. Like the throttle was connected to the rear wheel.

Eric said he rode the bike for a little while at a sand track up in Illinios and after riding it he named it "The Sand Beast" because when they hit the uphills on this sand track, the motor wasn't even phased - like they weren't there. I believe it... sick motor! LOL

I think I'm going to try the quicky fix first - pull the seat cover off and cut it down some - then cut grooves about 1/4" apart all the way down the seat and about 1/4" deep. That allows the foam to be softer... used to work on my KTM's should work on this (I hope). It already has a gripper on it so I'm good there. I might even cut a little "step" into the seat...

I'll let you know how it works jhendr - hopefully it'll soften it up. It's like riding ON TOP of a motorcycle instead of on one. Kinda scary feeling never feeling connected to the bike you know...



Did you ever cut your foam or solve the problem?? My seat is too hard/tall also. Thanks, Steve.

what seats do you all have....tall and hard....more foam should not be hard unless they are sunbaked...

Stock is to low and hard as hell 0n a 03-05 -

Guts has std, Med and tall.....I am 5'11 and I hate the dip that all YZFs have...it is like sitting on a friggin horse....makes it harder to shift weight to the front of the bike - this is why I think a tall seat would be better :ride:

I have a barely used CEET tall seat, all black, it's marginally softer than stock but I'm selling it cheap so you can add or modify it without worry, PM for a details....I also have several lightly used air filters and a Utah sport skidplate. All for 2003 YZF450 but will fit other model years.

Many PMs on what the seat looks like. You can also see the skid plate. I'll caution that the seat is taller and has more foam but its still pretty stiff and needs to be broken in. I sold this bike for a WR BTW, but I loved it.


Make offers. I need to clean out my garage.

Posted the original note on Jan 7th - looks like I jumped right on this project didn't I?!!!

Got swamped at work and never could get to it until today...

I just today (minutes ago) finished lowering my 2003 YZ450F...

It worked out MUCH better than hoped for. The stock seat gets thinner and thinner towards the top - uncomfortable considering that Yamaha foam is only one step softer than concrete!

My bike had a TALL seat on it - so it worked out FANTASTIC!

By trimming it down quite a bit, the top of the seat was much wider than the stock seat foam... I was then able to angle the sides down and sculpt it somewhat... it looks a little "freestyle" but it's surprising because when you sit on the bike it feels RIGHT. So even though it looks thin, there is actually several inches of foam under you at the arc between seat junction and tank...

Sits almost as well as a Honda CR two strokes foam, but not quite as soft.

I'm pretty stoked, it worked out much-much better than I first expected.

I didn't cut the little striations 1/8th" to 1/4" deep to soften the foam like I mentioned above - but wish I had. It would have made the seat perfect.

I have some photos that I'll post a bit later - it looks a little freestyle as mentioned, but I'm no longer ON TOP of the bike, I feel like I'm sitting on/in a motorcycle which is much more confidence inspiring.

Mikeee P

have been watching for your answer. I bought a used low seat for mine and got the stock seat also. i put them beside mine and my bike had a tall seat on it. so i put the low seat on and can actually touch on both sides and it is still softer than the tall one that was on it.

post a pix....


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