another SIMPLE oil question....

How much oil does a 2006 450 hold?

Is that 8mm screw supposed to help check the amount of oil in the engine? I remember on old bikes once the oil started coming out of the hole you were full and good to go, but my buddy told me to add 1 full liter and oil started coming out of that hole after only 1/2 a liter. I had some concerns so of course I appreciate the help.

You need to read your manual. The bike holds 1.1 qts. with a filter change, 1 even without. The 8mm bolt behind the shifter on the left side is for draining off an overfill after the bike has been filled, started, and run for a couple of minutes.

I deleted my post because it is what we did with the factory bikes. Didn't want anyone to rip on me for misinformation LOL Tdub

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