Changing Bars on 450

I have a 06 WR450F and would like to get a set of fatter (1 1/8) bars. Was looking at the triple clamp and noticed that the bar mounts are removable. But am having trouble finding the bigger ones that will fit the fatter bars. Any one done this change and what do you suggest? Thanks

You can use the stock YZ450 mounts, they are 1-1/8" I got Tag Metal bar mounts.

You can also get extensions that fit on your standard mounts but it raises your bars about 20mm.

There's always the "trick" (i.e. expensive) route. Scott makes a slick billet upper triple-clamp that accomodates oversized bars. There's one for sale in the TT classifieds for $150. This also gives you the option to easily mount a rotary damper later.

Yeah, looking at getting the damper later. would like the bigger bars without having to buy a new triple clamp. Will call my local shop tomorrow for the upper and lower clamps. Thanks for the input.

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