XR650R for Dual Sporting?


I found a 2000 XR650R for sale, clean w/low miles. Would this be a decent bike on the road compared to say a DR650, DRZ400S or the XL650? Offroad I know it would be no comparision. How hard is this bike to plate here in Texas?

I m looking for a bike I can ride %80 street (150-200 mile trips) but can do some serious exploring with off road.


I should have done a better search before posting this one.

The Honda XR650R IS a great dualsport. :confused:

If you're going to ride the roads alot you'll just want to gear it up so you're not running high RPMs going 70 MPH.

Of course, the stock gearing will do it... but 15/46 or even 15/45 gearing is much better for road riding.

Dualsport tires would be good too. Maybe some Dunlop 606's or Pirelli MT21's.

I have some dualsport mods you may want to check out on my site here...


And a few mid-long distance dualsport ride reports here...


Get one!

You'll love it. :lol:



Oh... and by the way. You can dualsport the XR650R AND race it on the same weekend.




How hard is this bike to plate here in Texas?

Easy as pie.

Al Lamb honda did all the work for me (I installed the baja kit myself...they wanted a few hundred bucks for a 2 hour job)...they filled out all the papers and handed me the tag....DONE! :lol:

Thanks guys for the awesome pictures and input!

I put 42.500 kilometers on mine before selling it.

I used it as commuter, off road, supermoto, etc.

Now I have a DRZ400E, its easier in the tight trails but not so funny as the 650R in the other situations!

Go for it!

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