Where to get high quality rear sprocket (47)

Looking to get a 47 tooth top quality rear sprocket.

I've checked several places without success.

Any recommendations?

>>> Bike is an 07 XR650L <<<

try Sprocket Specialists, they make sprockets for everything

Try www.sidewindersprockets.com Go ahead and buy a combo their chains are awesome, sprockets from tool steel, billet aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, well worth the expense. You should be able to get tool steel sprockets and a gold o ring chain for around $200. But will outlast three regular chains and sprockets! For example the average good chain has a tensile strength of 5800lbs the sidewinder regular chain is 12800lbs, their titanium is 14000lbs. good stuff, let us know what you do.

I agee, they have everything, and the prices are usually pretty good. Never had a complaint with their stuff..Sprocket Specialists, that is.

You may want to look at rockymountainatvmc

Just google it, they are reasonable.

well sidewinder looks like nice stuff i'll have to get my next chain from them probly very soon anyone tried there titanium sprockets yet or have any idea what they cost



A 35 buck steel Sunstar will last as long a 200 buck Sidewinder, don't fall for the high dollar means good hype.

Just stick to the sunstar steal and you will be fine. The 07 needs new chain and sprocket's all ready?

Welcome to Thumpertalk,Sum Ting Wong.:confused:

IMO, I like the Ironman sprockets..:lol::confused:


It's not that I 'need' one, but I'm not fond of the current 1st to 2nd ratio, and I just put a larger D606 on the rear as I couldn't stand the original "deathwing." The taller rear will make it even worse.

I've read that the 48 is a tad high for faster street, and here in San Diego I have to ride about an hour and a half to get to the 'good' dirt. Thought I'd give 47 a shot.

I've read good things about Sidewinder, but not sure if worth the $$$.

I may go with the Ironman.

Well, it seems there's little out there in the 47 tooth flavor. The only two I can find is steel one from JT, and the Tri-Metal from Sidewinder. The JT one is only $30, but it's a one-size-fits-many type deal, and apparently has some free-play when centering it.

I know the Tri-Metal is a fine sprocket, but at $130, I'm finding it hard to justify the expense. I've already called Vortex, Renthal, Ironman etc. No 47's any more.

Any more sources I missed?

I've read that the 48 is a tad high for faster street, and here in San Diego I have to ride about an hour and a half to get to the 'good' dirt. Thought I'd give 47 a shot.

Staying with a 14t front and changing from a 48 to 47 rear is only a 2% change in ratio; in 5th at 4500 rpm you'd be going about 55.7 mph with the stock ratio; swap in the 47t and the speed changes to 56.9 mph. Is that small difference really worth the cost?

IMO you're better off changing the front anyway- with careful chain adjustment you can have the chain sized for a plus or minus one countershaft sprocket and then have 3 ratios to choose from, spaced at about 6% from one another...



Edited to add: Sorry- misread your bike type. Nonetheless, the percentage changes that you'll see moving from 48 to 47 are tiny.

15:45 = 1:3

15:47 = 1:3.133333

15:48 = 1:3.2

14:45 = 1:3.214


Well...my rationale was that I read several (more than 6) posts where ppl stated that with a 15 front and 48 on the rear, the bike was "buzzing" from high r's at about 65mph. So...I figured that, since I still need to go fast to get to the dirt (about 1.5 hour drive), I would use a 47, and still get a decent higher speed, hopefully closing the 1 to 2 gap from the original gearing.

If .21 is that much of a change from the stock gearing, then I figured the .13 difference from stock to a 47 would be a decent change.

Not sure, as I haven't tried it yet...

Buy a cheap steel one and change it when it starts to look worn, an alloy one might look good but they don't last very long and save less weight than going for a s**t before your ride .

If you really want bling look at renthal or afam sprockets.

Talon (the hub/wheel makers) can make you non-standard size alloy sprockets but you will have to import them from uk.

Something wrong, I get it now! lol

You all are a bunch of cheap b++t++d's. Ever heard you get what you pay for, well except for Harley Davidson that is!

I run the 14/48 gears on my L and it does get buzzy around 65. I cant see a 15/48 as buzzy. And dude try the sidewinder in tool steel with their o ring chain I will garrantee you wont need another one (chain and sprockets) for 20,000 miles at least if properly maintained! What does a regular chain and set of spacely sprockets last 5000 miles tops? So go figure!

I ain't no cheap s.o.b., lol.

In fact, fo yo info, I bought the friggin' Sidewinder for 129, and payed another 25 to have it send 2 day! I REALLY wanna go ridin'. And if the 47 ain't low enuff, I'll get the 14 for the front.

Is it true that the 14 kinda rubs on the swingarm, though?

ive got an 06 650l and so does my buddy im about ready for a new chain also and just put a new sprocket and a back tire on my buddys bike tonight(same bike).My chain has lasted about 6000 miles but its getting stretched out now. About that D606 they suck! I just put on a fat ass perreli tire and it seems pretty tough but we'll see.he also went for the 47 tooth sprocket and his setting on his chain only went to 9 and that didnt seem right .so watch for that.stick with the stock tire if not the perreli. the 606 sucks unless your always in the dirt

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