Where to get high quality rear sprocket (47)

I did go with the D606s, but went up a size to the 130/90/18.

How much did sidewinder say the combo was? Okay, something wrong, maybe your not cheap but most that buy the L are! cept you and I!


I actually didn't check on the combo. I've only got 200 miles on the bike right now, so I figured the chain and front sprocket would still be fine with a new rear. I never get "buyer's remorse," but my friends are kicking me for just not getting the 48t sprocket, which would have been cheaper. Oh, and check this out...

I got the sprocket today. It looks cool. It better for $129. It's engraved with "Sprocket Specialists" on it. I thought &%$#@!? "Did I just pay Sidewinder to have SS drop ship me a sprocket? So I called SS, and they said Sidewinder bought their inventory of Tri-metals, which they stopped selling because CUSTOMERS COMPLAINED OF THE RIVETS CATASTROPHICALLY BREAKING DURING HARD RIDING CONDITIONS. Again I thought, &%$#@!? Did I just get hosed 2 ways? Long story short, they have a lifetime warranty on the sprocket, so I'm a little more comfy with the whole situation.

Ya, def not cheap. Just a little less financially well-off, what with my street bike and dirt bike enhancements this year...

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