wr450 rev counters

does anyone know where to get a rev counter for a 2003 wr450 from? i'm sure i've seen one before but i can't find any.

i basically want to know where to buy one (preferably in england), how much they cost and how to fit it.


sorry to sound stupid but what the H#:L is a rev counter?

a clock that shows how many revs your engine is doing.

what would you call it?

Tachometer in the US I believe..

ah, lol, I wanted a tach for mine also so i bought a trail tech vapor speedo with built in tach, and temp sensor, awesome rig



this is what I have on my bike. great price and also does tach (REV) count

They have them on ebay for about $25 usd.

Go to your yamaha dealer and ask for a generator hour & taech meter (#ENG-METER-4C-01). Works perfect on my 07WR mounted on the rear fender inside the air filter door. Simply wrap the wire around the ignition coil. :lol:

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